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Genealogical Resources

California Death Index
Search the records of those who died in California between 1940 and 1997.
Social Security Death Index
Find records of those who left social security benefits after they died.
Rootsweb is a website that you can use to research family members and record types. has several years for census indexes that may be helpful.
Cyndi's List
This link will bring you to a search engine that is dedicated to genealogical research via the internet. Here you can search for helpful websites by either place or record type.
This is a genealogy-based site that is owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On, you can search by surname, record type and place. In order to search for records of a given place, simply go to the link below and click on the "library" tab. From there, click "Family History Library Catalog" in order to search to see what records are available for the specific place you are researching. Remember to try a variety of options in the search. To search for an individual, simply click the search tab and enter the information you know.
U.S. Vital Records
This website may give you some more information as to how to find vital records for a given area, or what records exist. This would help you as you look for birth, marriage, or death records.
ImmigrantShips is a website where you can search the passenger lists of several ships for your ancestors. This is a great help when searching for immigrant records.
The GenWeb site is a popular one among genealogists for searching by a particular area, with the name of a person in mind.
2010 Best State Websites
Family Tree Magazine has compiled the best state-focused genealogical and historical information available online. There are 75 links here, but all 50 states have at least one link.
This is the official website of the National Archives and Records Administration, maintained by the US Government. It houses millions of records that are microfilmed. This website is especially good if you are searching for military, immigration or census records. They have a lot of records available through searching their website, and there are also instructions as to where to search in order to find other records.
US Census Office
This is a great resource for finding additional census indexes and information.
This website may be able to give you some information about railroad research. While this site does not cover information on employees, there are several very good links including:
  • Clubs, Historical and Technical Societies related to the railroad
  • Links to railroad historical sites
  • Railroad Research Guide to the National Archives
  • Info on purchasing some great railroad posters and prints
  • Museums

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