Neighborhood Watch

About the Program
The City of San Marino and the Police Department have developed a Neighborhood Watch Program. This program has been shown to be very effective due to the tremendous involvement of the citizens in our community.

Neighborhood watch is a self-help crime prevention program operated by the citizens in our community. The purpose is to create an alert neighborhood by teaching simple crime prevention measures and providing both specific and general information regarding crime trends in our community.
Goal & Objective
Neighborhood Watch encourages residents to familiarize themselves with the activities of their neighbors by knowing who works during the day, which automobiles belong in the area, and recognizing people who belong to the neighborhood. By knowing this information, suspicious activities and subjects can be reported to the Police Department for investigation.

House Watch
The House Watch program is designed to keep your home safe while you are away.  Residents who request to be placed on housewatch will have officers drive by your house several times a day, check the location for any unusual activity, and walk the location to check doors and windows while looking for any unauthorized activity.  To participate in this program, contact the department by phone prior to leaving.  Provide us with the dates you will be away and a contact number in case of an emergency.
The cost for this service is $5 per day.

Key File
We also have a key file for houses in our community. We request you bring your house key to the police station. We will log the key in a safe file and release it to anyone you authorize. This may include children locked out of the house, or to assist officers in entering your house in the event of an emergency. The key will not be released to anyone without the homeowner consent.

Officer Responsibility
Corporal Brian Wong and Officer Kenric Wu are assigned to the Neighborhood Watch program. They both welcome your input or suggestions. They also encourage Neighborhood Watch meetings and enjoy attending to provide needed training or an update of crime trends in our city. If you are interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch group, or would like information regarding the program, please use the following Neighborhood Watch Signup form.